Massage therapy

Neck Pain or Headaches?

Neck-PainNeck Pain and headaches can cause a significant interruption in life’s most enjoyable activities. The constant pain of headaches and the debilitating stiffness of neck pain can keep you from enjoying your life’s greatest treasures. Nobody wants to have headaches and neck pain.
Most people do not realize headaches and neck pain are one of the most common health concerns reported by all people. A recent survey showed that neck pain and headaches are the Number #1 reason for Doctor’s visits.
There is a time tested and proven approach to address chronic neck pain or headaches that does not include medications or painful procedures. It’s completely natural and available to you with no side effects.
Massage therapy can help you say good-bye to headaches or neck pain for good. A life without the constant and uncomfortable pain they cause is possible.

To say good-bye to headaches and neck pain and get back to the life you enjoy schedule a Traditional Thai Massage.

Back Pain?

back-painIf you suffer from back pain, you should know, you’re not alone. Half (1/2) of all adults report that they suffer from back pain at some point throughout the year.
Experts predict that 80% of the working population will experience back pain at some point during their lifetime.
The good news is, that most back pain isn’t caused by any type of serious medical conditions.
Even with that said, often times back pain can be quite debilitating. In fact, poorly treated back pain can force their suffers to lead a very sedentary lifestyle.
To eliminate your back pain and get back to the life you enjoy schedule a Traditional Thai Massage.

Stress or Anxiety?

man_stressIt’s no secret that we live in a hectic world full of stress. Unfortunately, today, the medical community as a whole believes that stress is one of the main causes of early aging and deterioration of health. Not to mention stress has been linked to hypertension, a medical condition that plagues millions of people world-wide.
With all the information available today about the damaging effects of uncontrolled stress, it’s imperative that we take our stress reduction plan seriously.

Especially when you consider this, experts estimate that “90% of all illness and disease is somehow tied to stress”.
The fact remains that we live in a stress filled world. Our lives are more fast paced than ever before and it would be nearly impossible to completely eliminate the pressure and anxiety that goes hand-and-hand with living today

But we need to do something so that stress does not have its way with us and that’s where massage therapy comes in.

To significantly redus your stress and get back to feeling great again schedule a Thai Herbal Massage or a Traditional Thai Massage.