Which Massage is Right for Me?

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Find out what is right for you, Relax and relieve stress or Remove aches and pains from your body or both.

  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Combination

(60 mins/$100, 90 mins/$130, 2 hrs/$180)

Blending of the Thai massage: deep pressure, stretching and classic western stress - relieving techniques: using vary strokes of gliding and kneading with little of oil to unlock tension, relieve pain, and promote circulation. Finishing the session with hot stone therapy for your relaxation

  • Traditional Thai Body Work (Nuad-Boran)

(60 mins/$90, 90 mins/$120, 2 hrs/$160)

It’s an ancient healing modality, using passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body energy’s lines to increase flexibility, relive muscle and joint tension, balancing the body’s energy systems.

  • Jasmine Signature Massage Therapy

(100 mins/$139)

Mixing the deep tissue and Thai yoga massage, best for healing tension, pain, and trigger points. Complement you with hot stone massage therapy on the key points on the body

  • Jasmine Thai Herbal Compress Therapy (Nuad-Prakob)

(2 hrs/$190)

Deep tissue, stretching and the therapy relies on the use of hot compresses filled with a selection of herbs and spices, promote relaxation while soothing the aching muscle and stiffness

  • Head, Neck, Back and Shoulders

(30 mins/$50, 60 mins/$90)

Focusing on head, neck, shoulders and back which normally are stiff and intense due to doing the same activity in a long period of time. Working on trigger points that cause muscle ache

  • Foot Reflexology

(30 mins/$50)

Soothing your feet and lower legs by scrubbing and applying pressure on the specific problem areas, this massage can restore balance of the body, stimulate activity of internal organs, improve blood and lymph circulation